The Olympus C-2000 Z is a 1600x1200 pixel digital camera introduced by Olympus in 1999[1]. with an optical viewfinder and an LCD screen on the back. The Zuiko 6.5-19.5/f2-2.8 lens features a 3x optical zoom, with additional 2.5x digital zooming available in the software. Zooming is controlled by a lever on the front, next to the flash unit, intended to be operated by the right index finger. The lens extendeds when powered up, and collapses into the body when powered off. There is an additional LCD panel to display settings on the top of the camera. The highest available resolution is actually only 1,920,000 pixels, not the claimed "2.1 Megapixels", althought the half-inch CCD device is specified to have 2,110,000 pixels. Power comes from four AA batteries. Data is stored on SmartMedia cards. There is a choice of programmed, aperture- or shutter-priority automatic exposure.

Notes and references[]

  1. Reviews such as Phil Askey on dpreview are dated 1999.