The Olympus AF-1 Mini (Infinity Mini in the US) of 1995 was a small weatherproof, fully automatic compact camera. It, Along with the AF-10 Mini, revived a range from the 1980's that were known for their advanced AF and metering as well as luxurious design and sleek styling. This incarnation of the 'AF' series was placed between the entry-level 'trip' series and the high-end μ[mju:] series, and the AF-1 shared many design features with the μ series cameras such as

  • Lens: Same as the μ[mju:]-1, 35mm, f/3.5, 3 elements in 3 groups
  • Compact body shell with sliding lens cover that also serves as the power switch
  • Assisted film load with built in motor advance, Automatic rewind at end of film, Mid-roll rewind
  • Autofocus, range 0.5m-∞, Focus lock
  • Auto-exposure programmed mode
  • Auto-flash, GN10, Red eye reduction, Off and Fill-in
  • Film ISO set automatically with DX coded film (ISO 50-3200), Fixed at ISO 100 when non DX film Used
  • 12 Second Self Timer
  • Weather proof (against splashes)
  • Power from either CR123 3v Lithium Battery or 2x 1.5v AA Batteries.

Other options included Quartzdate (AF-1QD, Infinity Mini DLX)

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