Nomura Seisakusho (野村製作所, meaning Nomura Works) was perhaps a Japanese camera maker in the early 1940s.

The full name "Nomura Seisakusho" is given in the Japanese official price list dated November 1941, about the Semi-Tex models and about a "Balnet", surely related to the Baby Balnet.[1] Production of the Semi-Tex was started in 1937 by Kyokutō Kōki Seisakusho, and Nomura Seisakusho was perhaps a new name for that company.

The April 1943 government inquiry on Japanese camera production also mentions a "Nomura" (野村) company as the distributor of the Slick.

The lens name Nomular, found on the Baby Balnet and on a few Mihama Six and Frank Six, is perhaps related to Nomura (it would be pronounced the same in Japanese, except for the lengthened final vowel).


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