The No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK JR. was a folding camera for type 116 Autographic film. It was made in Rochester, NY, USA by Eastman Kodak Company and by Eastman Kodak Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This "Autographic" camera was an updated version of the No. 1A Kodak Junior which was launched in 1914 but did not say "Autographic" on it. Various versions were produced with different wording on the parts and the viewfinder was sometimes directly above the lens and sometimes offset to the side.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Folding camera
  • Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company
  • Years of production: 1914-27
  • Film: Roll film (size 116)
  • Frame Size: 6.5x11 cm
  • Focal length: 5.25 inches
  • Focusing: Fixed on some models, by distance zone on bellows extension on others.
  • Weight: 28oz.
  • Original price: $11-24

The lens and shutter were changed several times during the production run.

  • 1914-24 Meniscus achromatic (fixed focus) lens, Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter with T, B, 1/25s, 1/50s and 1/100s settings.
  • 1914-25 Rapid rectinlinear lens, Kodak ball bearing shutter.
  • 1915-25 Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7-45 lens, Kodak ball bearing shutter.
  • 1916-24 Meniscus Achromatic (focusing) lens (a single-element meniscus lens with 4 selectable apertures), Kodak ball bearing shutter.
  • 1923 Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7-45 lens, Ilex Universal shutter.
  • 1924 Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7-45 lens, multiple speed shutter.
  • 1925 Rapid rectinlinear lens, Kodex shutter.
  • 1925-26 Kodar f/7.9 lens, Kodex shutter.
  • 1925-27 Meniscus achromatic (fixed focus) lens, Kodex shutter.
  • 1925-27 Meniscus achromatic (focusing) lens, Kodex shutter.
  • 1925-27 Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7 lens, Diomatic shutter.

Kodak Autographic Junior camera models[edit | edit source]

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