No.1 Autographic Kodak Jr. is a medium format film folding bed camera made by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., USA and produced between 1914-27 with quantity 800.000+ units.

This camera is a rare model and offered many lens/shutter combinations. There are Special models of Autographic Jr. cameras with various lenses, shutters and/or improved features or superior finish. [2]


Kodak Autographic Junior 04
Kodak Autographic Junior 03
Kodak Autographic Junior 07
Kodak Autographic Junior 02

images by Süleyman Demir

  • Film: A-120 roll "Autographic"; picture size: 6x9cm
  • Engraving on the hand grip: Kodak
  • Plate on front of the lens standard: No.1 Autographic Kodak Jr. [3]
  • Lens: Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear. [4]
    • Aperture: US stops: 4 - 64 (equal to f/8-f/32); setting: lever and scale on the shutter, no click stops
  • Focusing: Fixed focus, pull-out the bellows until it clicks
  • Shutter: Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter, leaf type; speeds: 1/25, 1/50, +B & T
    • The shutter blades are on front of the lens; setting: lever and scale on top of the shutter
  • Cocking and Shutter release: by the same lever on the lens-shutter barrel, for speeds press once then release the lever, the shutter cocks, opens and closes
  • Cable release socket: on the shutter
  • Viewfinder: Waist level brilliant view finder, folds up when the camera closed, turning left on its own axis for landscape pictures, on the lens standard
  • Winding lever: on the right side of the camera
  • Bellows: single extension
    • Bellows opening: front cover opens by a knob on the left upper side of the camera, under the covering, then pull-out the bellows by engaging its rails until it clicks and stops
    • Closing: simply pull-in the bellows by pressing the latch on the right lover side of the lens standard, front cover closes by pressing the struts
  • Back cover: removable, opens by pressing the latches on the two sides, w/ red window
  • Autographic: there is an aperture on the back cover with a spring lid and a nice chrome stylus, which allows to write the data on the film back paper
  • Relief on the lid: Use Autographic Film No. A-120
  • Film loading: pull-out the winding lever for inserting the take up spool, press the button in the film chamber for loading the new film
  • Tripod sockets: two, 1/4", on the front plate and right side of the camera
  • Lugs: for leather Hand grip
  • Body: metal; Weight: 613g
  • Serial no. engraved on the back side of the camera leg

Kodak Autographic Junior camera modelsEdit

Nots and referencesEdit

  1. This model year is estimated by the patents' dates engraved in the back cover of the camera and the serial no. compared with produced pieces.
  2. McKeown's p.474
  3. This model replaced the No.1 Kodak Junior, though both cameras are marked internally as 'No.1 Kodak Junior Model-A'.
  4. These early models have also Kodak Anastigmat lens. Later models have also Splendor f/6.2, Roussel Stylor f/6.3, Hermagis f/6.3, Berthiot Olor f/6.8 lenses.


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