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The Japanese word Nissan (日産) is an acronym meaning "manufactured in Japan" (as in Nissan Motor). It appears on camera-related companies on two occasions.

Nissan Kōgaku Kōgyōsha (1930s) Edit

In 1939, the Semi Victor and Victor Six and their successors the Semi Condor and Condor Six were advertised by a company called Nissan Kōgaku Kōgyōsha (日産光学工業社, meaning "Nissan Optical Industries").[1] Its address was Hongō-ku Yushima-Tenjin-chō 1–105 in Tokyo (東京市本郷区湯島天神町1–105), and the nature of its relationship with Motodori is unknown.

Nissan Kōgaku (1950s) Edit

The Centre Six 6×6 folder released at the end of 1951 is attributed to Nissan Kōgaku and has NISSAN KOGAKU markings. This company is otherwise unknown.

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