Cameras 066

Nishika 3D N8000

After Nimslo went bankrupt, the assets of the company were purchased by Nissei Corp. of Hong Kong. The Nishika 3D N8000 was produced to have a camera to offer. The N8000 is a completely different camera than the Nimslo 3D.

The camera was eventually replaced with the Nishika N9000, a smaller camera that also had 4 lenses.

Shutter Speed[]

The Nishika N8000 has a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 second.


The camera has 3 aperture settings:

  • f/19
  • f/11
  • f/8


The Nishika N8000 has four 30mm lenses to make negatives on 35mm film for autostereoscopic prints. Each lens captures a image that takes up half a frame. This means that every exposure on the Nishika will take up 2 frames if shot on a SLR film camera.

The N8000 was designed to work with ISO 100 film.