Nishida made a number of lenses from the 1930s to the 1950s, sold to other camera makers or used on its own cameras.

For 6×6cm format: 75/4.5 and 75/3.5[]

From the late 1930s, Nishida offered a standard three-element 75mm lens for 6×6cm or 4.5×6cm format cameras, in f/4.5 and f/3.5 aperture. It was called Wester Anastigmat on most cameras, but was also supplied as the Lucky Anastigmat to go with the Fujimoto products.[1]

The following list of cameras is probably incomplete, and the inclusion of a model does not mean that all the versions were equipped with Nishida lenses:

The Reginon and S-Reginon 75mm f/3.5 lenses of the postwar Semi Leotax and Semi Leotax DL and R are normally paired with Nishida's NKK Wester shutter, and were perhaps made by Nishida too.

For 4×4cm format: 70/4.5 and 65/3.2[]

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Nishida made the Super Anastigmat 70/4.5 and 65/3.2 lenses mounted on the Super Flex Baby 4×4cm SLR made by Umemoto and distributed by Kikōdō.


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