Nishida Kōgaku was a Japanese maker of cameras, lenses and shutters from 1936 to 1958.


The company was founded in 1936.[1] It began by making lenses and shutters for other companies, primarily under the "Wester" brand. This name is an adaptation of the company's name "Nishida", which consists of two parts: nishi, meaning "west"; and ta, whose pronunciation many Japanese people find indistinguishable from the "ter" sound of English "after". The "Northter" brand was also used for some shutters, obviously after "Wester".

The company released its first camera in the early 1940s, called Wester or Semi Wester. It was its only camera model before 1945. In 1943, the full name of the company was Nishida Kōgaku Kikai Seisakusho (西田光学器械製作所), and the address was in Tokyo, Takinogawa-ku Takinogawa-chō 1935 in Tokyo.[2]

After the war, the company was called Nishida Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K. (西田光学工業㈱), and it was likely based in the same buildings.[3] It made another Semi Wester 4.5×6cm folder followed by a series of Wester 6×6 folders, and it continued to supply Wester shutters and lenses to other manufacturers. As many such companies, Nishida failed to take the turn from medium-format folders to 35mm cameras at the end of the 1950s. It sold one 35mm model called the Auto West before going bankrupt in January 1958.[4]

Camera list[]

6×6 folders[]

  • Wester Model II
  • Wester Chrome Six
  • Wester Chrome Six R
  • Super Wester
  • Wester S2
  • Wester Autorol
  • Wester Atlasix, also sold as the Fodor Six by Fodor

4.5×6 folders[]

  • Wester or Semi Wester (wartime model)
  • Semi Wester (postwar model)

The Apollo and Mikado are often attributed to Nishida, but it seems that this is a mistake and that the body was made by Sumida.

35mm rangefinder[]

  • Auto West



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