Nikoh Co., Ltd. or Nikkō Kōgyō K.K. (日向工業㈱) is a Japanese company, founded in 1925 by Suzuka Fusanosuke (鈴鹿房之助).[1] It began to produce cameras in the early 1980s[2] with the Minimax and Enica series, taking 8×11mm pictures on Minox film. It is said that these cameras were first designed by Mr Sugaya of the Sugaya Optical Co., which made the Minimax Pocket 110 EE in the late 1970s.[3] Versions of these cameras were distributed by Asanuma under the name Acmel. In the early 1990s, Nikoh made a prototype SLR on Minox film, called the Enica-Minifex.[4] Evolutions of the initial design were also distributed by Fuji as the Fujicolor MC-007 and by Minox as the Minox MX.

The company still exists, and currently makes mechanical and electrical parts, as well as plastic lenses.



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