Niezoldi & Krämer was a camera maker in Munich, Germany. It made fine 8mm (Super 8) movie cameras. Its brand was Nizo.

Under Braun AG (1962–1980)[]

Braun , like other radio manufacturers, manufactured electronic flash units and the Hobby model was released as early as 1952. So it made sense to expand the photography equipment sector with the purchase of “Niezoldi & Krämer” in 1962. Braun AG thus became the main shareholder and Niezoldi & Krämer GmbH became a subsidiary of the Braun Group, which meant that the “Nizo” brand was retained.

Through the takeover, the design team with Dieter Rams as chief designer, Richard Fischer and Robert Oberheim also had the opportunity to give the Nizo cameras a distinctive appearance, which was already noticeable in 1963 on the “Nizo FA3” model, the last spring camera, [10 ]  might. A film projector ( FP 1 ) was also designed by Robert Oberrheim and Dieter Rams.  The market launch of the Super 8 film cassette developed by Kodak in 1965 determined the development of the Nizo film cameras. The fast lenses came from Schneider Kreuznach .  The first Super 8 camera was the S 8in a matt-glossy anodized aluminum housing; In 1966 it received the “Good Form” prize from the Design Council in Frankfurt. In 1966 three further variants of the S 8 were introduced; the S 8 E did not have an electrically adjustable zoom lens .  From 1966 onwards, the Super 8 cameras achieved an increase in sales for the first time. Associated projectors were the FP 1 S  and the FP 3 S , which Oberheim designed.  In 1967 the S 8 S was released for export .  The successor model S 80 is on display in the New York Museum of Modern Art . The S 800, introduced in 1970 , had an 11x zoom lens with a light intensity of 1.8.

However, the Nizo cameras, which were only produced in small numbers, only had a significant market share in the Super 8 upper class segment.  In 1970 the simpler and therefore cheaper S 30 also appeared .  The Super 8 projectors were also further developed, so after the FP5 in 1969 , the FP7/8 and FP 30 appeared in 1973, the FP 35 and the FP 35 special, which was simpler because it did not repeat film scenes . The FP 30 already had a negative pressure cooling system that included not only the film channel and the lamp house, but the entire projector. In 1975, Braun-Nizo offered the Nizo professional as a top model with a large 12x zoom that was also macro-capable; her weight was 2 kg. The coverage of all conceivable lip-synchronous dubbing variants via five switch settings was a unique selling point.  As early as 1976, the Super 8 camera market was stagnating and sales slumped.

In 1978, the Nizo sound film cameras 3048 and 3056 also had the Braun logo for the first time .  The last Nizo Super 8 cameras appeared in 1980. They belonged to the Integral series designed by Peter Schneider with a plastic housing  and were characterized by a fully electronic control. Their lenses had comparatively large diameters due to the high apertures of 1.4 or 1.2.

Consideration of camera names[]

An overview  lists a total of 64 different models, whose production periods range from 1965 to 1985, as cameras were still in stock after 1982.  They have different names, starting from S8, S1, S36, S480 and model names such as “Nizo Professional” (Type: 800P) or “Nizo Spezial 136”. Cameras with sound recording were initially given four digits with the addition “Sound” (Nizo 2056 sound); the last model series “Integral” was only supplemented with numbers  that indicated the multiplier of the smallest focal length of the zoom lens.

Under Bauer (1980–1982)Edit[]

In 1980, Niezoldi & Krämer GmbH and Braun flash unit production were sold to Eugen Bauer GmbH in Stuttgart , a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH . Bosch-Bauer was the market leader in Germany for Super 8 film cameras and film projectors. In 1982, production was stopped, the factory in Munich was closed and around 500 employees were laid off.

Still Cameras[]

  • Nizo Elektronik 1000

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All credit goes back to Wikipedia for i do not own any of these information nor the pictures provided in this page

Braun Nizo S55

Super-8 film camera

Braun FP30 1973 (6099161640-crop)

Braun FP 30 , 1973

Super 8 film camera model Braun Nizo 6080 , 1978

Super 8 film camera

Super 8 film camera model “Braun Integral 7”, 1980

Super 8 film camera