Nichizui Bōeki K.K. (日瑞貿易㈱, meaning Nippon Swiss Trading Co.) was a Japanese distributor in the 1930s, based in Tokyo and Osaka.[1] In 1936, the company was the main distributor for Asia of the Foth Derby and Foth-Flex.[2]

Notes Edit

  1. The exact addresses were Tōkyō-shi Nihonbashi-ku Muromachi 4–5 (東京市日本橋区室町四ノ五) and Ōsaka-shi Higashi-ku Kitahama 4–26 (大阪市東区北浜四丁目二六). Source: advertisements in Asahi Camera November 1936, p.A22, and December 1936, p.A21.
  2. Advertisements in Asahi Camera July 1936, p.A8, August 1936, p.A8, November 1936, p.A22, and December 1936, p.A21.

Bibliography Edit

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