In 1909 the Süddeutsches Camerawerk Körner and Mayer in Sontheim am Neckar, Germany, was renamed to Nettel Camerawerk. Originally it was R.E. Mayer (1902). It was famous for its patented strut folding cameras. When such a camera was unfolded the position of the scissors type struts could be manipulated with a lever for focusing. Around 1910 this kind of strut folders were classified as Nettel folders. The Deckrullo-Nettel strut folders even had a focal plane shutter (rouleau shutter --> "deckrullo"). The Deckrullo-Nettel and other camera models were continued when Nettel was merged with Drexler & Nagel into Contessa-Nettel in 1919.

The ad of 1910 says that all Nettel cameras where tropics resistant. Nevertheless the photos shows a special "tropical" version of a typical Nettel "pocket camera" (Taschenkamera) with its characteristic combination of most uncomplicated "folding bed" with the special sophisticated strut folding mechanism which isn't just for unfolding but also for focus adjustment. The camera is a Nettel Sonnet 9x12cm


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