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The original Neoca 35 (ネオカ35) is a Japanese 35mm folding camera, made as a prototype by Mizuho Kamera Kōgyō (predecessor of Neoca) in 1954.


The Neoca 35 is a horizontal folder. The rangefinder and viewfinder are combined in a single eyepiece, certainly offset to the left as seen by the photographer. The rectangular viewfinder window and the round rangefinder window are contained in a casing placed atop the lens standard; they are retracted inside the body when the camera is closed, together with the lens and shutter unit. The folding bed completely covers the front windows, and it is opened by a button at the top of the front door itself.

The film is advanced by a knob at the right end of the top plate. Next to it is the shutter release, interlocked with the film advance for double exposure prevention.[1] There is an accessory shoe in the middle, and the rewind knob is at the left end.

The focusing helical is placed behind the lens and shutter unit and is driven by a focusing tab; it seems that it is directly coupled to the rangefinder mechanism placed above. The shutter has a PC synch socket and reportedly gives B, 1–500 speeds.[2] It seems that it is cocked manually by a lever at the top of the shutter casing. The lens is reported as a Neokor 50/2.8; the word MIZUHO is legible on the lens rim on the only observed picture.[3]

Brief apparition[]

The Neoca 35 was featured in Japanese magazines dated June and July 1954, where it was announced as planned for release in Autumn.[4] All trace is lost after that date, and the Mizuho company released the rigid Neoca 35 IS instead in mid-1955.


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The Neoca 35 folder is not listed in Sugiyama.