Richard Neidig Kamerawerk was a camera manufacturer based in Plankstadt, in the Northwest of Baden-Württemberg, South West Germany - from c.1948 - c.1958, and specialized in making viewfinder and rangefinder cameras for 35mm film. The early cameras of Neidig are marked "U.S.-Zone Germany" on the back. From start the company produced its cameras for brands of other companies, known are Adox and the U.S.-brands Bower and DeJUR. Its own brand was Perlux. A characteristic quality of the camera bodies was their flexibility concerning lens equipment. The early Perlux cameras were equipped with a lens of either Schneider, Laack, Staeble or Steinheil. The series II used M39 screw mount lenses which were alike those for Braun's M39 screw mount, not usable on Leicas. In 1953 the cameras got a film advance lever. The Perlux II rangefinder cameras had an uncoupled rangefinder, the later Perlux IIa even a coupled one.


  • Perlux (1949) (also called DeJur, Adox 35 or Bower 35)
  • Perlux II (1952) (also called DeJur D-1, used Braun M39 lens mount)
  • Perlux IIa (1953) (also called DeJur D-3, used Braun M39 lens mount)