The Triumph is a self-erecting viewfinder folding camera for type No. 120 film rolls made by Nagel and introduced in 1929.

Folded it is an all metal body, the coating black leatherette bearing two imprintings "Triumph". Unfolded its bellows is locked in the only operating position. The unfolding mechanism must be unlocked on both sides before folding and closing the camera. The self-erection mechanism is quite smart, making additional pulling at the lens standard superfluous. The camera was delivered with original Gauthier everset shutter with diaphragm settings from f6.3 to f32 and speeds 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 sec. plus bulb and time mode. The lens was a focusable Nagel Anastigmat 6.3/10.5cm. The camera had two finders, one turnable brilliant finder on the lens standard, and one collapsible two-frame viewfinder on one of the body's plane sides. When the hinged back is opened loading and unloading film is eased by enlarged distance of the filmroll-holding nipples. Control of film advance is given by the film advance key and the closable red window. The camera may have been delivered with a durable canvas case.

It has been somewhat over-shadowed in Nagel history by other cameras including the very similar looking and more popular Vollenda.

When Nagel became the Kodak AG in 1931 the company developed new folders of that kind, for example the Kodak Junior 620.

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