NKS is a brand of shutters that were made in the 1940s and 1950s by the Japanese company Nippon Kōsokki[1], which also made the Taron cameras, and mounted on various Japanese cameras.

The original NKS shutter is a copy of the Prontor II.[2] It appeared in 1940 with B, 1–200 speeds.[3] Both NKS-TOKIO and NKS TOKYO markings have been observed on the speed rim of wartime cameras, with T, B, 1–200 speeds.

Production was resumed after the war, and later variants are the NKS-FB with B, 1–300 speeds, and the NKS-SC.

Camera list[]

Here is an incomplete list of cameras equipped with a NKS shutter (it was not necessarily the only type of shutter available on these models):


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