.,;mmnlm;lklnlknnknbjkbkj j bbbkkdkjhoidghkj jhhThe initials N.M.K. are found — in lowercase letters n.m.k. — on a few Japanese products from the late 1930s to late 1940s. The signification of the initials is obscure, though they certainly correspond to some company name.

List of occurrences[]

The n.m.k. initials are engraved above the viewfinder of very early examples of the Vero Four and Vero Four F. This is visible in some advertising pictures (used from April to September 1938) and on at least one surviving camera.[1] The initials were replaced by a K.S logo on later examples of the camera. As of 1943, the Vero Four was manufactured by Kinshō, certainly responsible for the K.S logo.

The n.m.k. initials are found on a Nissei shutter (T, B, 1–400) mounted on an isolated example of the Roavic.[2] The shutter has a small nameplate screwed at the top, engraved n.m.k. Nissei, and another NISSEI engraving at the bottom of the rim. These markings might indicate that the "n." stands for Nissei, but this is unconfirmed. The same camera also has a Nissei Anastigmat 8.0cm f/4.5 lens, with a low serial number (either 267 or 287).

Finally, the same initials are found on the Flora, a 6×6cm prototype certainly made in the immediate postwar period.[3] They are engraved next to the viewfinder's front window. The camera has a Nissei shutter, very similar to that described above, but with T, B, 1–500 speeds. The shutter's nameplate perhaps has the n.m.k. initials too, but these are hidden on the only available picture of the camera.[3] The Flora's lens is a Nissei Anastigmat 7.5cm f/4.5, again with a three-digit serial number.

List of products[]

The following products were certainly made by the company that used the n.m.k. initials:

  • early Vero Four (later made by Kinshō)
  • Flora 6×6cm prototype
  • early Nissei shutters
  • Nissei Anastigmat lenses


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