Mycro-sha (マイクロ社) was a Japanese company based in Tokyo, Kabuto-chō, in the late 1930s.[1] Its name appears on an October 1939 advertisement published for the release of the Mycro subminiature camera. This camera was manufactured by Akita Seisakusho, at least from 1941 onwards.[2] Mycro-sha might have been a predecessor to Akita, and the initial maker of the Mycro, but this is unconfirmed.


  1. Its address in 1939 was Tōkyō Kabuto-chō Tōkabu Bldg. (東京・兜町・東株ビル). Source: advertisement in Asahi Camera October 1939 reproduced in Awano, p.5 of Camera Collectors' News no.274.
  2. Awano, p.2 of Camera Collectors' News no.274, says that Akita's name appears in advertisements for the Mycro from July 1941.


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