Teodoro Murer was a camera designer based in Milan, Italy, who made cameras with a company called Duroni. They sold cameras under the names Murer and Salex. In Sweden, the cameras were sold by Hasselblad, and in France by Gaumont[1]. The Duroni company was founded by Alessandro Duroni (1807-1870), c.1835-36, as an optical instrument dealer[2]; Murer joined the company in c.1892.

There are a number of albumen photographs in galleries credited to Murer & Duroni as photographers[3]. Since the original Duroni had died before Murer arrived, this credit must be to the company or a later Duroni. Alessandro Duroni himself has a number of photos credited, including of Guiseppe Garibaldi and Vittorio Emmanuele II, King of Italy 1861-78.


  • Blitz
  • Murer's Express
  • Muro (folder, 1914)
  • Express Newness A, Sl, G and H (box, c.1900)
  • Folding plate focal plane stut folders
  • Piccolo (tapered box, c.1900)
  • Reflex (6.5x9cm SLR, c.1920s)
  • Salex Murer Miniature Folding Camera
  • SL (Box, c.1900)
  • SL Special
  • Sprite
  • Stereo
  • Stereo SL Special
  • Stereo Box
  • Stereo Reflex (plate stereo SLR)
  • UF (strut folder, c.1910)
  • UP-M (strut folder, c.1924)


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