Moskva-2 type 1

Moskva-2 type 1 (1947) image by Alexander Komarov

Type 1 with early KMZ logo

type 1 with early KMZ logo image by Alexander Komarov

The Moskva-2 (Mockba = Moskva means Moscow) is a medium format rollfilm rangefinder folding camera made by KMZ in former USSR and produced between 1947-56 with quantity 197.640 units. This camera is a copy of Zeiss Super Ikonta.

It was a self-erecting foldinng camera for type No. 120 film rolls. Its opening button released the front door as well as a two-frame Newton-type viewfinder. Its solid sturdy metal body was covered with soft black leatherette. The camera supported two formats by means of an optional small format frame and a back with two red windows.

Type 4 1

Moskva-2 type 4 (1950-56) image by Alexander Komarov

Type 4

type 4 with new KMZ logo image by Alexander Komarov

The camera had a rangefinder setup similar to that of German Zeiss Super Ikonta rangefinder cameras. The special trick to couple it to the focusable lens in the folder's front standard was that its movable part was separated from the rangefinder's body on top of the camera. This separate optical part was mounted on the front standard and had to be unfolded after having unfolded the camera. The little wheel of that separate rangefinder front lens had to be used to adjust distance setting while looking through the rangefinder's ocular. The shutter had to be released by pressing the button beside the film advance wheel. The button was locked after exposure until the advance wheel was turned again.

There are 5 types and one sub-type of the Moskva-2. [1]

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Some fearures[]

  • Main difference from the Moskva-1 is the addition of a coupled rangefinder
  • Early types have the old KMZ logo then new logo on the lens and body. [2]
  • Film: 120 roll, picture size 6x9cm
  • Lens: Industar-23 110mm f/4.5
  • Aperture: up to f/32
  • Focusing: 1.5m to inf
  • Shutter: Moment-1 with speeds 1-1/250 +B
  • The earliest version, type-1, with Compur shutter with speeds 1-1/400 and imported lens

Notes and references[]

  1. Typing and some info are as to Alexander Komarov
  2. See also the artivle Soviet Factory Logos