Type 1a

Moskva-1 type 1a image by Alexander Komarov

Moskva-1 (Mockba = Moskva means Moscow) is a medium format film folding camera made by KMZ in former USSR and produced between 1946-49 with quantity 31.632 units.


KMZ logo early

This camera is a quite rare one. It is a copy of Zeiss Ikonta. Most of the Moskva-1 were covered with black leather, and small quantities - with brown leatherette. The Moskva-1 displays old KMZ logo - a tombstone type.[1] You can see it in the lens, shutter, and inside the back door. First batches of Moskva-1 were made with Zeiss parts and tools.

There are 5 types and 3 sub-types of the Moskva-1. [2]

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Moskva 1 02

Moskva-1 type 4 image by Alexander Komarov


  • Film 120 roll; picture size 6x9cm
  • Lenses:
  • Aperture: up to f/32
  • Focus range: 1.5m to inf
  • Manual front cell focusing
  • Shutters: central leaf shutters
    • Compur 1-1/250 +B, later Compur-Rapid 1-1/400 +B, on types 1a to 1d and 2a-2b (1946-47)
    • Moment-1 on types 3 to 5 (1947-49) [3]
  • Viewfinder: Optical folding frame
  • Double exposure prevention
  • Hinged back cover

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. See also the article Soviet Factory Logos.
  2. Typing and info are as to Alexander Komarov
  3. Moment-1 is a slightly modified copy of german Compur shutter.


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