The Mometta is a 35mm rangefinder camera made by MOM (Magyar Optikai Művek/Hungarian Optical Works) in Budapest. It is sometimes qualified as a Leica copy, even if its appearance is very different. It has a focal plane shutter from 1/25 to 1/500s, and takes pictures in 24×32mm format.

On the Momikon, Mometta and Mometta II versions, the lens is a fixed Ymmar 3,5/50. The Mometta III and Mometta Junior have an M42 interchangeable lens, although the Junior does not have a rangefinder.




Mometta II


Mometta III (0 series)


Mometta Junior

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  • 15-minutes video in English about all the series production MOM cameras: part1 and part2 by István Szalatnyai
  • 20-minutes video in Hungarian for collectors about the MOM history and all the MOM cameras were in series production: MOM fényképezőgépek by István Szalatnyai  

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