Moment 05

Moment type 2 (black finish) image by Alexander Komarov

Moment (Момент) is a large format folding instant camera made by GOMZ in former USSR and produced between 1952-54 with quantitiy 9000 units.

Moment is the first Soviet camera of the instant Polaroid type. It is clearly a close copy of the original Polaroid Land Model 95. It was a wonderful camera designed according to brilliant know-how of precise optical equipment. But it was unsuccessful. This result was due to a major problem that its film required hard currency which was always in short supply in the Soviet Union. The second is the miserable quality of Soviet photographic Polaroid film (later named Moment), with its very high prices.


  • Film: roll Instant film Polaroid Type 42-47 B&W and Type 48 color
  • Picture size: 80x105mm
  • Lens: T-26 (Triplet) 130mm f/6.3
  • Shutter: speeds: 1/10-1/200 +B
  • Vievfinder: Waist level brilliant finder and a folding sports frame
  • Bellows focusing
  • Brown or rarely black leatherette covering
  • Weight: 1755g


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