The Minox Model EC was introduced in 1981. It is different from other Minox models in several respects: The body shell (which was made of a durable plastic material) detached completely from the body for film exchange; it had a fixed focus (3 feet to infinity) lens, with a fixed aperture of F/5.6; and it had a proprietary electronic flash.

The EC was updated to the Model ECX in the mid-1990’s when production of the original EC ended.

In 2002, a special edition of 100 classic EC camera sets was produced for the members of the Minox Historical Society and 101 in blue for the First German Minox Club.

Properties of the Minox ECX:

  • Four-element 15mm Minar fixfocus lens f/5.6
  • Depth of field: 1m to infinity
  • CDS exposure meter
  • Electronically controlled diaphragm shutter 1/500s to 8s
  • Film speed adjustable from ISO 12/12° to ISO 400/27°
  • Film loading contact (green LED in the viewfinder)
  • Flash contact for Minox ECX flash
  • Body made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Dimensions: 8x3x1.8 cm (3.1x1.2x0.7inch)
  • Weight: 56g (1.96oz)
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