The Weathermatic A was a watertight pocket camera taking 110 film. It was made by Minolta and came in bright yellow, with large controls for use by a diver wearing gloves.


  • Type: watertight pocket camera
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Year of release: 1980
  • Films: Type 16mm 110 film cartridges
  • Lens: Rokkor 1:3.5/26mm (4 coated glass elements in 3 groups)
  • Zone focusing: five distances selectable by turning the knob with the 5 distance symbols
  • Shutter: metal blade shutter with fixed speed 1/200 sec.
  • Aperture: 3 apertures selectable with a knob, one for sun, one for clouds or one for flashlight
  • viewfinder: bright frame finder with parallax correction marks, low light indicator and focusing symbols
  • Flash: built-in, selectable with aperture switch
  • Film advance: by lever
  • Battery: 1 × AA 1.5V for the CdS-meter and Flash
  • Accessories: Sports finder, replacement tightening material
  • Max. diving depth: 5 m