The Minolta Vectis 3000 was a very cute small compact zoom camera of Minolta's Vectis series for the advanced photo system (APS) with built-in flash. It had been manufactured in China. The Vectis remote controller was usable on the Vectis 3000.

The little design monster had typical features of a modern compact camera of its time: autofocus, meter-controlled exposure, date imprinting, title codes, automatic flash mode with or without red eye reduction by an extra flash before exposure, night portrait mode, landscape (without flash) mode, or flash manually on/off-mode instead, focus holding by pressing the shutter-release button halfways, and a self-timer.

  • Lens: 1:5,9-1:9,3/22-66mm zoom
  • Autofocus: infrared (?)
  • Films: APS films of 25 ASA upto 3200 ASA film speed
  • Exposure: dual-segment metering through meter window, range EV 4-17 (ASA 200)
  • Shutter speed: 8 - 1/500 sec.
  • Viewfinder: magnification 0.32x - 0.88x, field of view 86% when distance is 3m
  • Flash: 0.7 sec recycling time, reaching as far as 5 meters with ISO 400 film and the zoom lens in wide angle position
  • weight: 160 g (5,6 oz.) without the CR-2 battery
  • dimensions 102 x 58 x 29,5 mm (4 x 2,3 x 1,2 inch)