The Riva Zoom 70W (also known as the Freedom Zoom Explorer 70W) was a compact camera with a wide-angle zoom lens introduced by Minolta in 1995. Some models had a Switchable panorama mask. It was available in black or "champagne" silver. This camera was superseded by the very similar Minolta Riva Zoom 75w which had a slightly longer lens in the same-sized body.


  • Compact camera using 35mm film.
  • Lens: Minolta 28-70mm motorized zoom. Four elements in four groups. Max. aperture f/3.5-8.4.
  • Autofocus from 0.5m - infinity, with macro ability from 0.4-1m.
  • Auto-exposure with shutter speeds from 2-1/500s at 28mm and 8-1/350s at 70mm.
  • Film advance: Auto-loading, motorwind and rewind of DX-coded film (Automatic Film speeds: ISO 25-3200).
  • Integrated pop-up flash, with several modes. Maximum range at 28mm and 100 ISO is 6m.
  • Power: One 3V lithium CR123/DL123A.
  • Dimensions: 121×66.5×44mm
  • Weight: 240g


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