• Type: pocket camera
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Year of release: 1973
  • Films: Type 110 16mm film cartridges
  • Lens: Rokkor 1:3.5/26mm (4 elements), additional close-up (50cm) element combined with viewfinder yellow filter shiftable in front of lens and finder
  • Focusing: shifter on top with one distance symbol scale on top and another scale in the viewfinder
  • Shutter: speed 1/40 sec. in flash mode, or between 10 sec. and 1/330 sec. combined with apertures f3.5 or 8 in CdS-meter controlled mode
  • Viewfinder: reverse Galilean bright frame finder with parallax marks, red LED indicates exposure times over 1/40 sec., and distance symbol scale with pointer, yellow filter as close-up indicator, shiftable aside (then it's over the CdS window)
  • Flash: magicubes, indicator for used-up cubes in viewfinder, automatic aperture mode set on when flashcube is connected
  • Dimensions: 130×58×26mm
  • Weight: 195 g without film and the strange battery of type No. 538