Minolta's Dynax 9 is a successor to the Maxxums 9Xi and 800Si. As with the Maxxum 9Xi, the 9 is a rugged camera with legends of it being used to drive nails. Rubberized and weatherproof controls make this camera ready to take on anything in its path. Later versions included the ultra rare Maxxum 9Ti with a titanium body that is reputed to put the famed Nikon F5 to shame. Its controls followed the Maxxum 600si.

The Dynax 9 is a 35mm SLR with autoexposure and autofocus. The shutter is a focal plane device running from 30s - 1/12000s, with flash synch to 1/300s and a built-in flash. The lens fitted to a Minolta A-type bayonet mount.