The Minolta A3 was a fixed-lens rangefinder camera made by Chiyoda Kōgaku Seikō in 1959, featuring:

  • Chiyoko Rokkor-TE 45mm / f2.8 lens, coupled to rangefinder, with 5 elements in 3 groups and 8 aperture blades.
  • Optiper-Citizen MVL shutter with speeds B, 1sec to 1/500sec, M/F/X flash sync and with self-timer.

The A3 lacked parallax correction for its brightline finder, unlike its predecessor the A-2 and its successor the A5

The A3 was the first modern styled rangefinder camera marketed by Minolta[1], retained styling cues from the earlier Minolta SKY prototype and stylistically lead the way to the 1960's Minolta AL and HiMatic series rangefinders.


Notes Edit

  1. While it could be argued that the Minolta Autowide, Super A and V2 were modern looking, the difference is that the A3 lacked the front lensmount plate of all the earlier Minolta rangefinders, save the SKY, and helped pioneer the more-modern 'boxy' flat-topped body, like the SKY.
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