The Minolta 9000 was introduced in 1985 and was Minolta's first professional autofocus SLR. It was called Maxxum 9000 in the USA and Alpha 9000 in Japan. Capabilities achievable thru accessories were extremely far-reaching for its time, including 6fps motor drive, digital backs to add exposure programs, an interchangeable video CCD back (SB-90, see SB-70), a 100-exposure professional film back, and a full line of AF lenses and flashes.


  • Type: Fully automatic SLR camera body (exception: manual film advance)
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Year of launch: 1985
  • Film: DX-coded 35mm film with speeds from 6 to 6400 ASA
  • Lens mount: Minolta AF-mount
  • Focusing: TTL phase detecting autofocus
  • Shutter: Focal plane shutter with speeds 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
  • Metering: TTL, center-weighted or spot-metering
  • Exposure: program controlled mode, manual mode, aperture priority or shutter priority mode
  • Flash: hot shoe for Minolta AF-flashes, TTL controlled operation, shutter synchronized for speed 1/60, 1/125 and 250 sec.
  • Finder: Pentaprism finder, diopter correction
  • Display: LCD displays on body and in the view finder
  • Film advance: Lever and rewind crank, automatic winder available
  • Weight: 645 g
  • Dimensions: 53×92×139mm


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