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photography related industry in Rochester (New York)
American Camera | Bausch & Lomb | Blair | Century | Crown Optical Co. | Elgeet | Folmer & Schwing | Gassner and Marx | Graflex | Gundlach | Ilex | JML | Kodak | Milburn | Monroe | PMC | Ray | Reichenbach, Morey and Will | Rochester Camera and Supply Co. | Rochester Optical Co. | Seneca | Sunart | Walker | Wollensak
and in Rochester (Minnesota)
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"Optical industry in Rochester (N.Y.)"

Milburn Camera Company was founded in 1894 by Gustav Milburn, a former camera constructor of Eastman who had been co-founder of PMC in 1891. Once having his own business he developed a new view camera series, the Korona cameras. The company was bought in 1896 by Gundlach. The Korona series was continued.


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