The Mikono-35 (ミコノ35) is a Japanese 35mm viewfinder camera, announced in 1953 by Kojima Kōgaku Seiki.


The Mikono-35 has a rigid rounded body, perhaps made of bakelite as was the case of the Mikono Flex. It has a rounded top cover containing the viewfinder in the middle, with an accessory shoe immediately above and a knob at each end. There is a square plate at the front, with the name Mikono–35 at the top, below the viewfinder.

The lens is a four-element 50/3.5 and the shutter gives B, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 speeds.

Commercial life[]

The Mikono-6 is only known from a single advertisement in the June 1953 issue of Shashin Salon where it was announced as "available soon" (近日発売).[1] The price was given as ¥4,800, case included. The similar looking Mikono-6 was announced in the same advertisement, for the same price.

No surviving example of the Mikono-35 has been observed so far, and it is not known if it was actually sold.


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