The 1936 Mentorett is a twin-lens reflex made by Goltz & Breutmann/Mentor in Dresden. A remarkable feature of the Mentorett (as of the Foth-flex) is the focal plane shutter. Focal plane shutters are uncommon in TLRs. Fifty-five thousand units were made of this camera, but nowadays it is considered rare[1].

General features[]

The Mentorett has two Mentor-Special 7.5cm f/3.5 lenses. It takes 120 film and makes 6×6 negatives. The shutter has speeds from 1/15 to 1/600s. It has an automatic frame counter.

Special features[]

Apart from the focal plane shutter, its most significant detail is the lever that serves as film advance lever, shutter cocking device and shutter release in one. With this feature it is possible to shoot rapidly. Its unusual waist level finder is made of leather and protected by a metal hood. Its most advanced characteristic is the aperture coupling of the taking and viewing lenses, providing a depth-of-field preview in the finder.[2].


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