McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras is an English-language reference book and world leading camera guide for camera enthusiasts published by Centennial Photo in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, USA. The editors are James M. McKeown and Joan C. McKeown.

The book is known to most collectors simply as "McKeown's,". The recent 12th edition (2005-2006) is 1248 pages long and includes over 10,000 photos and 40.000 cameras.

Short descriptions of camera models can include features, dates, and historical significance. About 200 people and institutions have contributed to its content.

The paper-bound version ISBN 0-931838-41-X and weighs about 2.9 kg. Cloth-bound edition ISBN 0-931838-40-1

Next Edition (13th). It has been suggested in the Exakta Times that the next edition could be expected in 2011. Now (June 2011) it is clear that this next edition will be much more impressive than the 12th, but to complete it will still take several more years of serious work. Your patience will be rewarded.