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Masumi Shōkai (真清商会) was a Japanese distributor active in 1949 in Tokyo, Chūō-ku Nihonbashi-dōri 2–1 (東京都中央区日本橋通二丁目一番地).[1] The name Masumi (with a short "i" vowel) presents some sound similarity with the brand Masmy (マスミー, masumī, with a long "i" vowel) used on cameras made by Takagawa, which later turned itself into Masmy Kōki and made other accessories under the same brand. It is not known if these companies are related to the former Masumi Shōkai.

The name Masumi was also used for the lens of some Meiritto, Meisupi and Meikai cameras made by Tougodo before 1945.


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