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The Maruso Patent Box is a Japanese camera for Bolta film, made c.1949.[1] It is only known from an article in Kurashikku Kamera Senka, where it is attributed to Marusō Kōgaku.[1]

Description Edit

The Maruso Patent Box is a metal box camera, reportedly taking 24×35mm vertical pictures.[1] The film is loaded through the removable rear panel.[1] It is said that the camera contains a metal insert with the spool holders and exposure frame.[1] There is a metal handle at the top, also used as a frame finder and back latch. The advance knob is on the photographer's right, and has a manual exposure counter at the base. There is no red window in the back.[1]

The lens has a fixed focus and aperture.[2] The everset shutter is tripped by a lever on the right, and reportedly has B and 1/25 settings.[1] The markings on the shutter plate are hardly legible on the only picture known so far; they reportedly state that the camera was made in Occupied Japan.[1]

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

The Maruso Patent Box is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi or in Sugiyama.

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