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Top Camera.

The name Marusō (丸惣) applies to various Japanese companies. It is not known if these were related to each other.

Marusō K.K.[]

Marusō K.K. (丸惣㈱) was based in Tokyo, Kanda, in 1939, and was making the Hamond cameras. (One source attributes the Hamond to "Marusō Kōgaku", but this is not the name appearing in the advertisements.)

Marusō Kōgaku[]

K.K. Marusō Kōgaku (㈱丸惣光学) was active in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and was based in Asakusa, Tokyo. It sold the Maruso Camera no-need-darkroom models c.1948, the Maruso Patent Box for Bolta film c.1949 and the Maruso Refe (or "Semi Ref") 4.5×6cm box c.1950. It surely also distributed the Maruso 35 camera for Bolta film at the same period, though one source attributes this camera to "Maruso Camera Sha" (マルソカメラ社). (Another source attributes all these cameras to "Maruso Trading Co.", but this is certainly a confusion with the later distributor of the Top Camera.)

Maruso Trading Co. or Maruso Manufacturing[]

The Top Camera 14×14mm subminiature made in the mid 1960s is attributed to Maruso Trading Co. or Maruso Manufacturing by various sources.

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