The name Marusō (丸惣) applies to various Japanese companies. It is not known if these were related to each other.

Marusō K.K.[]

Marusō K.K. (丸惣㈱) was based in Tokyo, Kanda, in 1939, and was making the Hamond cameras.[1] (One source attributes the Hamond to "Marusō Kōgaku", but this is not the name appearing in the advertisements.)[2]

Marusō Kōgaku[]

K.K. Marusō Kōgaku (㈱丸惣光学) was active in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and was based in Asakusa, Tokyo.[3] It sold the Maruso Camera no-need-darkroom models c.1948, the Maruso Patent Box for Bolta film c.1949 and the Maruso Refe (or "Semi Ref") 4.5×6cm box c.1950. It surely also distributed the Maruso 35 camera for Bolta film at the same period, though one source attributes this camera to "Maruso Camera Sha" (マルソカメラ社).[4] (Another source attributes all these cameras to "Maruso Trading Co.", but this is certainly a confusion with the later distributor of the Top Camera.)[5]

Maruso Trading Co. or Maruso Manufacturing[]

The Top Camera 14×14mm subminiature made in the mid 1960s is attributed to Maruso Trading Co. or Maruso Manufacturing by various sources.[6]


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