The Mamiya Family - also known as the Mamiya Korvette (in Britain) and Saturn, is a fixed-lens SLR made by Mamiya in Japan, introduced in 1962. Features include an uncoupled selenium light meter (with the cell in front of the pentaprism, and the scale fitted around the rewind crank, to the photographer's left) and a depth-of-field scale based on coloured dots rather than numbers (the aperture markings have matching colours, as can be seen on the meter scale). Wide-angle and telephoto lens converters were available which fitted to the front of the fixed lens.


  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Manufacturer: Mamiya
  • Introduced: 1962
  • Lens: fixed Mamiya-Sekor (or Mamiya-Kominar) 48mm f/2.8, focussing 3.5ft - infinity
  • Shutter: Copal leaf, speeds 1/15-1/250 + B, with flash synch
  • Film: 35mm, 36x24mm frames
  • Metering: uncoupled selenium meter