K.K. Lustre Camera (㈱ラスターカメラ, Rasutā Kamera) was a Japanese camera maker in the mid-1950s. Its main address in early 1955 was Setagaya-ku Matsubara-chō (世田ヶ谷区松原町) 1–42 in Tokyo and the address of the plant was Shimoochiai (下落合) 353 in Yono (a city which was recently merged into Saitama).[1] The Tokyo address soon became the company's Tokyo service station, and the headquarters moved to the Yono address.[2] The company perhaps changed its name to Lustre Kōki K.K. (ラスター光機㈱) in 1956.[3]

The company made the Lustreflex TLR cameras and perhaps some versions of the Elegaflex and Echoflex. It also certainly made the Lustre and Lustre-Rapid shutters mounted on some of these cameras. The company's logo was the name Lustre written inside a doublet lens scheme.

It seems that the company was renamed Hara after its president Hara Giichi, at some time between 1958 and 1961, with a similar address: Shimoochiai 461 in Yono (Saitama); the Halma Flex, Halma Auto and Halma 44, as well as their Prinz and Tower name variants, are attributed to Hara, and all trace seems lost after 1964.[4] The full name was perhaps Hara Seisakusho, and the initials "H.S." are found on the accessory shoe of the Prinz Auto.[5]

Camera list[]

Made by Lustre:

Made by Hara:

Other cameras equipped with a Lustre shutter:


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