The Actionsampler sold by the Lomography Society International has four lenses instead of one. Inside the plastic body, a few springs turn a full circle when the shutter release button is pressed. It uses standard 35mm film. The total exposure takes 1 second, with each lens being opened for just a quarter of that time. The result is four frames on the same negative. To help (or hinder!) composition, the camera features an old fashioned collapsible finder consisting of two parallel rectangles. The ActionSampler Flash model features four small flash bulbs in place of the viewfinder, and these fire in sync with the shutter, and require 2 AA batteries for power. The Flash model has a higher quality lens than the original.[1]

Shooting in bright daylight is recommended due to the small apertures. Recommended film is 400 ISO for direct sunlight and 800 or 1600 ISO at dawn or in the shade. The ActionSampler was not conceived for static portrait sessions but for action, so it is unlike a passport camera or Disderi's four-lens CDV camera. Shots featuring movement are encouraged, since blurring is usually part of the intended effect.

Three colours are generally available: clear, white, and chrome; some with the Lomography logo, and some without.