The Linhof Technorama series of viewfinder cameras take panoramic images on 120 film via a fixed lens (typically Schneider-Kreuznach large-format lenses). Two separate model ranges are produced, for taking 6x12cm (2:1) or 6x17cm (3:1) images. The earlier models featured fixed lenses, whereas the later models feature interchangeable lenses, each lens with its own helical focusing mount / shutter release as well as detachable view finder. None of the cameras contain any electrical or electronic components, and thus do not offer any form of auto exposure.

Linhof markets the cameras for "hand-held, large-format photography" but the fact that these cameras do not offer any focusing aids (other than guessing focusing distance or attaching a third-party (uncoupled) range finder), together with the need for stopping down the lens to counter the immensely shallow depth-of-field offered by the large film surface, means that this is usually not a practical reality.

Premium camera[]

Linhof is regarded as a premium camera manufacturer, renowned for their build quality. The all-metal Technorama series of cameras feature camera bodies with extremely rigid backs and tight tolerances, to ensure optimum film flatness. Many regard the cost of these cameras exorbitantly high, considering their relative simplicity. The cameras are designed and marketed to be highly robust (and to withstand any possible environment), with the weak link being the comparatively fragile and dangerously exposed lenses (the camera offers sturdy but minimal protection bars for the lenses).


After the original 6x17cm model Technorama 617, Linhof replaced it with the Technorama 612PC. Popular demand, however, prompted them to offer a revised 6x17cm model (the Technorama 617S), and ever since both models have been offered. The models continue to reveice incremental updates, such as (recently) a dark slide for changing lenses on the 617S III, as well as a lens shift adaptor.