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Leicaflex SL (1968) [1]

Leicaflex SL is a 35mm film SLR camera, manufactured by Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, Germany, and produced between 1968-74 with quntity 80.995. The SL stands for "selective light".



  • Lens release: by lens bayonet lock, a red lever on the right side of the lens flange [2]
  • Focusing: ground-glass screen, w/ central microprism rangefinder spot; DOF button: on the left front side of the camera
  • Shutter: Horizontal metal focal-plane, speeds: 1-1/2000 +B & X (1/100sec)
  • Shutter release: on the cocking lever knob, w/ cable release socket
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, short stroke, retractable, on the right of the top plate
  • Frame counter: auto reset advance type, in a window, beside the cocking lever
  • Viewfinder: SLR pentaprism finder, w/ match the needle-pointer and shutter speed scale, the most brightest finder that ever made [3]
  • Exposure meter: selective TTL CdS meter, central spot metering
  • Film speed range: 8-6400 ASA, setting: by dial around the re-wind knob, ASA/ DIN scales, w/ a push button locking, beside the re-wind knob, depress the button and turn the dial
  • Exposure setting: by match the needle on the right of the finder, after setting the shutter speed, turn the aperture ring on the lens until needle and pointer matches, when needles are on downside small and upside large apertures, the setting can be done by turning the speed dial also
  • Flash PC socket: two, for X and bulb flashes, on the left front of the camera, w/ a lid,
    • Flash icon on the shutter speed ring shows max speed 1/100 for electronic flash units
  • Others: cold-shoe; Memory dial: for film type, on the rewind-knob; Self-timer; *Back cover: hinged; Engraving on the bottom plate: Leitz Wetzlar Germany; Tripod socket: 1/4"; Strap lugs
  • Battery: only for exposure meter, one 1.35v PX625 Mercury cell, (accepts PX625A / LR9, but better is 1.35v Zinc/air)
    • Battery test: a button on the left of the prism, when pressing the needle in the finder must move fully down
    • Battery chamber: on the bottom plate
    • On/off switch: when the cocking lever moved from the upper plate the meter is on, when lever retracted the meter is off.
  • Body: metal; Weight: 766g

Standard LENS

  • Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-R 50mm f/2 auto-aperture
    • Mount: Leica R mount w/ two TTL metering cams on the lens mount
    • Aperture: f/2-f/16
    • Focus range: 0.5-10m +inf w/ DOF scale
    • Lens barrel: steel, weight: 307g

Notes and references[]

  1. Dating the Leicaflex as to serial numbers is according to Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest[1]
  2. The original red plastic lens-release button tended to break easily. Most SLs that have been CLAed have had their lens-release buttons replaced with a metal one.
  3. Be sure to check your SL to make sure the pentaprism isn't desilvering, a new one will cost hundreds of dollars.