Leica R8 w/Motor drive

Leica R8 is a 35mm film SLR camera made by Leica and introduced in 1996.

The R8 design is a complete change compared with the conventional previous Leica’s, either reflex or rangefinder ones. R8 is much larger and heftier than the earlier R series and with a totally new line of accessories.The R8 is almost fully compatible with the new Leica Digital Module R11-megapixel digital back.


There is no auto-focusing, however widespread in 1996. The bump above the prism has quite disappeared. But, there is still a manual setting lens, a rewind crank and also a fast transport lever, etc. The R8 was the first R series camera to have no association with Minolta, and was a completely Leica design. This body won many prizes.

Leica R8 successor is Leica R9


  • Lenses: There are many R series lenses compatible with R8
  • Lens mount: Leica R bayonet with additional electrical contacts ("ROM contacts")
  • Shutter: Copal vertically running metal-leaf unit
  • Speeds: 32-1/8000, steplessly in automatic modes, or to 16 seconds in half-stop steps in manual mode, as well as Bulb. The flash X-sync speed is 1/250
  • Shutter release: on the shutter-speed dial, w/cable release socket
  • The optional Motor-Drive gives additional front and vertical-grip releases
  • Operating modes: Manual, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program, and Flash
  • Metering methods: Selective (7mm central area), 6-element matrix, center-weighted, and flash TTL center-weighted
  • Exposure lock: By light press on shutter release
  • Exposure compensation: Plus or minus three stops in half-stop increments, using lever on left side of the eyepiece
  • Film speed range: Automatic DX coding ISO 25 through 5000; manual ISO 6 through 12,800
  • Metering range: 0.007–125,000 cd/m³ (EV −4 through EV 20)
  • Flash sync: Hotshoe center contact or external synch socket; first or second curtain sync, as well as strobe (multiple flashes) view
  • Flash X-sync 1/250 second or slower
  • TTL flash metering compatibility: Leica dedicated SF 24D flash unit and Metz units with Metz SCA 3501 adapter
  • Viewfinder coverage: 93%, magnification 0.75× with 50 mm lens
  • Self timer: 2 sec or 12 sec
  • Mirror pre-release: Selectable via switch; first shutter release press activates mirror, second activates shutter
  • Frame counter: In viewfinder and on rear cover LCD
  • Multiple exposures: Unlimited, with multiple exposure switch on body
  • Body: Cast zinc top plate, aluminum frame, synthetic base, rubber bottom; Weight 890g
  • Battery: 6v, 2× CR2 lithium battery
240461DMR Front

Leica R8 (black) w/ Digital Modul R


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