Leica R7

Leica R7 is a 35mm film SLR camera made by Leica and produced between 1992-97. It is a redesign of the Leica R5, electro-mechanical and auto-exposure and program modes.


The Leica R7 is like to Leica R5. But several features found on the more up-to-date Leica R6 and R6.2 have been added.

  • The R7 has a more full-featured TTL flash mode. Using Metz SCA compatible flash units, fill flash is now available with shutter-priority AE, and the system will switch automatically between fill flash and full flash in Program mode.
  • Exposure compensation has been increased from ±2 EV (in 1 / 3 stop increments) to ±3 EV (in 1 / 2 stop increments).
  • The R7 takes four 1.5 volt batteries instead of the R5’s two, extending service life between battery changes.
  • Frame counter was repositioned for easier viewing.
  • All other features of the R5 were retained.

Leica R7 (chrome)



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