The Leica M8, the first digital camera in the Leica M series of rangefinder cameras, was introduced by Leica Camera AG on 14 September 2006.[1] It uses a Kodak KAF-10500 CCD sensor. The sensor has 10.3 million 6.8 μm pixels and is 18×27 mm inducing a 1.33 crop factor, with a ISO 160–2500 sensitivity range. An electronically controlled metal focal plane shutter replaces the cloth shutter of all previous Leica rangefinder cameras, permitting 1/8000s exposures and 1/250s X-sync. The viewfinder magnification is x0.68 making for an effective rangefinder base of 47.1 mm. The combined viewfinder has frameline pairings of 24 mm/35 mm, 28 mm/90 mm, 50 mm/75 mm (actual focal lengths) or 32 mm/48 mm, 36 mm/120 mm, 67 mm/100 mm (full frame 35mm fields of view equivalents).


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