The Leica Digilux 4.3 was a digital camera introduced by Leica in 2000. It was the last Fuji-based camera released by Leica before their shift to partnering with Panasonic. The name may be a reference to the 4.3 megapixel images the camera produced and its native 4:3 aspect ratio; ealier Digiluxes had unusually had 5:4 aspect ratio CCDs.

Based on the Fujifilm 4700Z, the Digilux 4.3 was very unusual by being a non Fuji-branded product with a Super CCD. It also represents one of the first Super CCD based models. Like early SuperCCD based cameras, it natively saved photographs as interpolarated JPEGs. This means although photographs are saved as 4.3 megapixel files, the sensor itself is only 2.4 megapixels.

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