Kyokutō Kōki Seisakusho (極東光機製作所) was a Japanese camera and lens maker in the late 1930s. The company entered the camera market in 1937 with the Semi-Tex, a 4.5×6cm folding camera copied on the Ikonta.[1] It used the short name Kyokkō (極光)[2] and a logo depicting a cemented doublet with two wings, reading KYOKKO MFG.CO.[3] It made the Simpu lenses for the Semi-Tex, and perhaps for the Pilot Ref. The company also announced a 6×6cm TLR called Simpuflex in August 1937, which was never released.

In 1941, the Semi-Tex was attributed to Nomura Seisakusho,[4] perhaps the new name of Kyokutō.

Some recent sources attribute the Vester-Lette 4.5×6 folder to Kyokutō,[5] but that camera was actually made by Ginrei.


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